This site provides a basic, searchable index of the NSW Pecuniary interest documents.

All possible thanks to the per-person PDFs, made available by Luke Bacon.

The original PDFs were run through Tesseract, using PyPDFOCR. The text content was then indexed using PDFMiner, and Whoosh.

While the OCR did its best, with many of the documents (badly) hand-written, the results are not complete by any means. But, there is still enough data picked up to make searching worthwhile.

Comments / errors, contact me here.

Source & Project docs

You can find the code here:

Feel free to use the issue tracker to log any suggestions / problems you come across. Pull requests also welcome.

The source PDFs indexed on the site aren't included in the repository, simply due to size limitations.
But you can grab them from the Collections page.